Pest Control In The Summer

Summer in St. Louis is a time for us to enjoy the outdoors. This enjoyment can be stifled if every trip outside is spent dealing with and suffering the wrath of insect pests. Pests such as mosquitoes, flies and stinging insects can take a fun time outdoors and send everyone scurrying inside.

Mosquitoes are among the most prevalent and bothersome of summer insect pests. We developed a mosquito control program that treats the areas that mosquitoes will sit and hide during the day, killing them before they have a chance to go after you at sun down. Our treatments are spaced out April through October, and will allow you to take back your yard from mosquitoes.

The same treatment we perform for mosquitoes is also very effective at controlling ticks in your yard. The same leafy surfaces where mosquitoes hide during the day are where ticks will wait to jump on you or your pets. This treatment will significantly reduce the number of ticks allowing you and your pets the opportunity to go outside without any hitch-hikers.

Moles are active for most of the year, but summer months are when they are at their most destructive. Tunnels and mounds are indicative of a problem, and our service is the cure. We utilize a bait that mimics a mole’s natural food source and with a single dose, moles are eliminated form your yard.

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