One of the questions we’re asked most often when it comes to termites is “How can I tell if I have an infestation?” This is a great question since one of the things most people know about termites is that if you do have an infestation, it can lead to some pretty serious property damage (costing upwards of thousands of dollars) before you are even aware you have any damage. While it’s important to get a professional termite inspection done every 1-3 years, there are definitely some tell-tell signs that could signify a termite infestation near or in your home.

SWARMERS OR DISCARDED WINGS: Every spring, male and female termite swarmers (the reproductive termites that have wings) emerge from their nest in search of a mate as well as a location to start a new colony. Swarming happens pretty fast (typically only take a few hours) so if you don’t see the actual termite swarmers, you might be able to spot their discarded wings.

MUD TUBES: These tunnels made of mud are typically found near the home’s foundation. It’s what the termites use to travel between their colony and their food sources.

WOOD DAMAGE: Wood that sounds hollow could potentially be source of termite damage as they tend to eat wood from the inside out.

BUBBLING PAINT: Bubbles are often formed from moisture so this most likely means you have water damage…or termites.

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