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Aaron G.

Jeff B. is awesome. I think he was born to be a bug man. We have a large campus with 140+ students, faculty and staff. Everyone is very comfortable around him and recognize him since he has been our tech for some time. Jeff is very thorough and goes over everything he has completed inside …

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Throughout many years of owning my own company, we have contracted with various and well known companies, but since our relationship with Blue Chip we are very pleased. I must tell you my tech is outstanding. He is attentive and informative. Every time we have had concerns he has immediately eliminated the problem in a …

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Neil S.

Blue Chip has been our pest control company since the facility opened in 2005. My predecessor was the one who chose to go with Blue Chip and I will have to agree with his choice. We have had some issues in the past here and Blue Chip has stepped up to fix them at no …

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Wendell H.

Our facility is beautiful with tons of trees. When the birds took over, no one wanted to walk outside any more. Before we knew it, we had a real problem – damage to the buildings, even damage to employee and customer cars. We called Blue Chip. They came right away and knew exactly what to …

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Todd H.

Our Blue Chip technician is just like one of our employees. He takes his relationship with us just as seriously as he does his pest control duties. We always know what’s going on and when something is going to happen.

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Scott did my interior inspection this morning and I just have to tell you how impressed I was with the job he performed. He is a personable, thorough and punctual employee. I would consider him to be a definite asset to your company. A job well done! ”

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Megan And Steve K.

We had heard horror stories from our friends about how disruptive and awful termite treatment is. We called Blue Chip, and they made it almost painless.

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Jake M.

The knowledgeable technicians at Blue Chip were able to tell right away that what we thought were ants were really termites. They took care of the problem, then they educated us on what to be on the look out for in the future.

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Bob C.

We had a major termite problem and didn’t even know it! I don’t know what would have happened if we hadn’t asked Blue Chip for a free inspection just to be on the safe side. Termites would have eaten us out of house and home – literally!

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