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The Power of “WITH”


I love how Brian told us that our technician Chris is “a pleasure to work WITH.” I read this with an emphasis on one word: WITH. (Did my use of caps lock already give that away? Ha!) The word “with” can be defined as “accompanied by another person or thing” or even “in the same direction as.” This single word, with, tells me that Brian views his interaction with his technician as having a common goal that they’re both moving in the same direction toward.

We hope this is true as you interact with everyone on Team Blue Chip. Whether you see us at your house or business, talk to us on the phone or chat with us online, we are all working toward a common goal – making sure we solve whatever pest problem you have/had AND to keep any new problems from resurfacing. Each time one of our technicians or managers arrives at a home or business for a service visit (even if it’s an outside-only service), they will always knock on the door and try to make an attempt to touch base with you. Customer feedback & communication with you lets us know what’s working well in the pest control plan we designed for you and what else we may need to do during service visits. We promise to never talk at you — but instead always WITH you to come up with the best plan possible. We truly appreciate the chance to work WITH all of you!

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The Power of “WITH” Pest Control

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