We know there’s a lot of pest control companies in the St. Louis area. Why should you choose us? In our minds, that answer is simple — training. We believe that a great customer service experience begins and ends with a knowledgeable staff that can SOLVE problems. Our greatest asset is our well-trained, well-educated staff. Every staff member is trained so no matter who you talk to — from our mangers to our our office staff to our technicians — you can be assured you’re always getting the best, latest and most reliable information.

How do we train? I’m glad you asked! Here are some of the things we do:

  1. Everyone on our staff takes a college-level course on pest control from Purdue University.
  2. All of our service staff members receive one full month of training before they treat homes and businesses by themselves. (This is three weeks longer than required by the state of Missouri.)
  3. All of our service technicians become certified by the state of Missouri. This means that they complete a written exam by the state after completing six months of in-field service. (Most companies only have one person certified by the state in their entire company.)
  4. We offer weekly in-house extensive training programs for our staff that allows us to stay current with pest control trends and expand our knowledge.
  5. We are known for bringing in national speakers multiple times a year who are experts in various aspects of the pest control industry.
  6. We have a certified entomologist on staff who can help answer questions, design pest control programs and offer even more training programs for our staff.
  7. We are one of the few original (and current) members of the National Pest Control Association’s “Quality Pro” program. This program recognizes companies that go the extra step in all aspects of their business. This means higher levels of training, advanced background checks and advanced business practices.

If you’re looking for a pest control company or simply have pest-related questions, we’d love to share what we’ve learned in all our training with you. Give us a call anytime at 636-343-7900. Looking forward to chatting with you soon!

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