Winter Pests

There’s a misconception that once the temperatures fall, we’re free from the worry of insects and rodents. You may not see the bugs and rodents out and about during the winter, but they’re still feeding, nesting, and multiplying—and will appear ten fold come spring.

That’s why whether you decide to do it yourself or turn to professional Pest Control St. Louis, as long as you continue treating your home this winter, you’ll be in good shape.

Solid Pest Prevention program by Exterminators—St. Louis

  • Keeps pests out by eliminating food sources
  • Leverages chemicals and traps to repel and capture bugs and rodents when necessary
  • Dissuades the migration into your home by providing an insecticidal barrier
  • Involves a pre-winter inspection


What is recommended as far as regular treatment?

Did you know that during the winter, pests may multiply in your walls, attics, basements, and crawl spaces? If you don’t keep up with a winter pest control program, the occurrence of spiders, roaches, and other insects inside your home will increase come spring.

That’s why we encourage regular treatment. Every other month, we will check for entry points as well as apply external insect barriers using top-quality residual chemicals. This may entail an application in the fall, winter, and then back on schedule in the spring.

Remember to be proactive!

A tightly sealed home can go far when it comes to gauging how much indoor chemical applications are needed. In other words, if pests can’t penetrate your home, you’re already ahead of the curve.

Call a professional today for your pest control. St. Louis-based Blue Chip is ready to help you not only protect your home and keep it air-tight, but also remedy any problems you’ve inherited where pests are concerned.

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