Pest Control In The Winter

St. Louis winters are unpredictable and will have snow one day and spring like temps a day later. One constant to remember is that pests have become acclimated to the winters and when they are not out and about, they are there waiting for an opportunity to eat your food and invade your home.

One climate that is constant is the inside of your home. It is a balmy 70 degrees all winter long and those conditions are perfect for many pests such as spiders, silverfish, roaches, and even bed bugs. Since many of these pests reside in the home, there is no off-season for them and as such require treatment year round.

Other pests will specifically make their home inside just for the winter. Pests such as lady bugs, cluster flies, box elder and stink bugs invade in the fall, keep warm all winter and then re-emerge in time for spring. Unfortunately most are not good with directions and as many that get out will end up inside your home trying to get out.

Our year round pest control programs keep a consistent barrier around your home at all times of the year, so that no matter when the pest try to enter they will not be able to. Since pests don’t take a season off, neither do we, click or call for more information.

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