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Why Blue Chip?

People often ask: Why Blue Chip? Why should we choose you over the competition? We believe the answer is simple – training. We believe that great customer experience begins and ends with a knowledgeable staff that can SOLVE problems. Solving a pest control problem is why you have contacted us, and everything else is secondary.

Blue Chip Pest Services is proud to be a member of the Rentokil family of companies in North America. Rentokil is a pest control business operating all over the world, providing high levels of service to residential and commercial customers. We are confident that our history of service provision to the people and businesses in the Southwest Region will continue to develop and improve through our partnership with Rentokil. Our mission is simple: to use our technical expertise to protect people and enhance lives.

Our greatest asset is our well-trained, educated staff. Every staff member is thoroughly trained so that no matter whom you talk to, from the office staff to service technicians, you can rest assured that you are getting the best, latest, and most reliable information.

We have an extensive in-house training program for staying current in the newest pest control trends and continually building our knowledge so we can solve whatever pest problem you may have.

Here are some things that we do differently than our competition:

  • All office staff and service technicians take a college-level course from Purdue University on pest control.
  • All of our service staff complete one month of training before we set them in the field to service your home or business, which is three weeks longer than Missouri requires.
  • All of our service technicians become certified by the State of Missouri. This means that they pass a written exam from the state after they complete six months of in-field service. Most companies only have one person certified for the entire company.
  • We have regular training sessions with national speakers at our state-of-the-art training facility in our Fenton office.
  • We have a certified entomologist on staff to answer questions, design pest control programs, and offer training for our staff.
  • We belong to and are an original member of the National Pest Management Association’s “Quality Pro” program that recognizes companies going the extra step in all aspects of our business. This means higher levels of training, background checks, and advanced business practices.

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Blue Chip Pest Control – History

Blue Chip Pest Control Services has been serving St. Louis families for generations. We have our roots in Phillips Termite Control which goes back to 1959. James Phillips treated many homes in the Webster and Kirkwood areas for termites over the years. He, however, did not like to treat for spiders, ants and roaches. Scott Phillips, James’ son, thought this would be a great way to grow the business and started servicing homes and business for general pests. After several years of operating together yet separate, Blue Chip Exterminating was formally created in 1971.

A single man operation, Scott would work during the day killing bugs, and at night bagging groceries to help pay the bills since he wanted to reinvest in his business. His wife Pat, who answered the phones, scheduled the appointments, answered the phones and kept the books. She did all of this while having two small children at home. Through the years, there were many trials, but they persevered and grew, making sure not to lose the desire that they created the business with. They also made sure not to make the mistakes of larger national companies and kept the family feeling with co-workers who were like an extended family.

Over the years Blue Chip Pest Control has grown into one of the largest, most-respected pest control services in the country with a reputation for excellence. Blue Chip Pest Control serves two states, Missouri and Illinois, and we continue to grow every year. Our customers include homes, restaurants, hotels, offices, hospitals, and schools. Our services include residential pest control, commercial pest control, termite control, fly control and animal control.

Now after more than 50 years, we are in our third generation, Jeff and Kim, Scott and Pat’s children, handle many of the days to day operations of the business. Our dedication to customer service is as strong today as it was back in 1959, and our commitment to keeping the family atmosphere remains our number one priority.

One Question That Comes Up Quite Often Is “Where Did The Name Come From?” It really stands for two things. The first reason is that the phrase “Blue Chip” brings out a consistent image of quality, excellence, high value, and stability. (Blue Chip Stocks, Blue Chip Recruits, etc.) That is the goal that Pat and Scott were trying to attain with their company.

The second reason is that when they started the company Scott was very involved in the Jaycees as a JCI International Senator. The highest chapter award that they awarded was the Blue Chip award.

Our greatest asset is our well-trained, educated staff. Every staff member is trained so that no matter whom you talk to, you can rest assured that you are getting the best, latest, most reliable information.

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  • 2015 Angie’s List Super Service Award – Previous 7 time winner
  • Pest Control Technology Magazine – TOP 100 Pest Control Firms in the United States
  • EPA Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program – Gold Level Member
  • First company in Missouri certified Quality Pro by National Pest Management Association