Question: How did Blue Chip get its start?

Answer: It all started in 1959 when James Phillips began Phillips Termite Control, treating primarily for termites in the Kirkwood and Webster Groves areas. He wasn’t a fan of spiders, ants and roaches…but then again who is? 🙂 Along came Scott, James’ son, who saw potential growth for the business when he recognized the need for general pest control in the entire St. Louis area. It wasn’t long before he added on residential and commercial pest control as well as expanded the service areas. In 1971, Blue Chip (now successfully offering both termite and general pest control services) was formally created.

Now, after more than 50 years in business, the third generation (Scott’s kids — Jeff Phillips & Kim Sieveking) have taken the reins of Blue Chip. Additional services have been added. More offices have been acquired. Numerous team members now make up this former one-man operation. Extensive training programs are in place. We’ve grown into one of the top 100 pest control companies in the entire United States. However, our dedication to customer service is just as strong today as a it was back in 1959.

Thank you for letting our family help your family!

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