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Ant Control

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Ant Exterminators in St. Louis

Ants are one of the most frustrating pest problems. Unfortunately, they’re also one of the most common for home and business owners. If you’ve ever dealt with an ant infestation in the past, you know they are extremely difficult to get rid of. DIY ant pest control is a gamble, which is why it’s so important to team up with an ant control expert. At Blue Chip Pest Services, we work hard to keep ants away from your property year-round.

Ant Pest Control Solutions For Your Home

Most people have dealt with an ant infestation at one point or another. Endless odorous house ant trails in your kitchen or bathroom can be irritating, especially when you can’t seem to put a stop to the problem. Although ants don’t pose the same types of threats that certain pests do, they’re relentless. Even when you think you’ve gotten rid of ants, they come right back! Ants can spread quickly, which is why it’s important to call an ant exterminator.

Seeing even a few ants can indicate that a larger problem is underway. For this reason, it’s best to work with an ant pest control company to put a stop to the problem before it ever begins! The key to ant control is prevention. By understanding what attracts them to your home or business in the first place, you can effectively make your property less suitable for them in the first place. Our team of experts will help you learn how.

Common Ants in Missouri:

Can I Get Rid of Ants Myself?

Learning how to get rid of ants can be difficult without an ant exterminator. DIY ant control is not recommended to keep ants away long-term. Although some all-natural remedies may work to prevent these pests, they won’t work to tackle a full-on infestation. Especially when you’re dealing with carpenter ants or fire ants, it’s crucial to enlist the help of someone with experience getting rid of ants.

The ant extermination team at Blue Chip Pest Services will determine how ants are getting inside your home in the first place. From there, they will implement an ant pest control plan that keeps the pests away from your home year-round.


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What to Expect From Our
Ant Removal Service

  • We will discuss with you exactly where you’ve noticed the ants and how long they’ve been around. You live here night and day and know your home best, so we are going to listen to you.
  • We will conduct a thorough inspection of your home to look for potential entry points. Ants can get inside through the tiniest cracks and crevices.
  • From there, we will target the areas where ants are getting inside. We will apply product around the foundation of your home to deter ants. Indoors, we will look to areas around your windows, baseboards, and countertops.
  • We will discuss with you all the possible ways to prevent more ants from returning. Our ant removal expert will also provide you with everything you need to know to ensure the ants are gone for good.

Ant Prevention Tips & Tricks

  1. Eliminate excess moisture.
    • Fix leaky pipes and routinely check under sinks for areas of moisture.
    • Use a dehumidifier in damp basements or crawl spaces.
    • Ensure downspouts and gutters are functioning properly.
  2. Limit food access.
    • Keep your kitchen clean and free of crumbs.
    • Wipe down counters and sweep floors regularly.
    • Store any food in airtight containers, and keep ripe fruit in the refrigerator.
  3. Seal entry points.
    • Routinely inspect your property for cracks or other entry points, and seal them.
    • Double-check that your windows and doors don’t have cracks, or install screens to help keep pests out.
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