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Mice And Rodent Control

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St. Louis Mouse And Rodent Control

Rodent control is something that we very often will get calls for from frustrated homeowners who have tried traps and baits and have given up. The reason most people fail is that they fail to attack rodents at the source and try to go after the symptoms, not the problem.


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Mice and Rodent Control for your Home or Business

When we tackle a rodent issue we go through the following steps:

  • We first look at the house and survey it for areas that mice and rodents may use to enter the home.
  • We point these areas out to the homeowners so that they can help the process along by sealing these entry points with bronze wool and other sealants.
  • When we go after the mice we will use traps, baits, and any other methods necessary to eliminate those already inside the home.
  • Once we eliminate the interior rodents, we will implement an exterior rodent baiting program. We use an anchored large pet/child resistant station outside the home with a rodenticide to kill mice and other rodents outside. This will reduce the population that may try to get inside in the first place.
  • Our ongoing service programs will check the stations periodically to make sure there is plenty of bait for mice to consume.

Over the counter baits are some of the most hazardous available and unless they are applied correctly and out of the reach/access to kids and pets they can be dangerous. The EPA has recently placed strict restrictions on the use of these baits and many are now no longer to be sold or used by homeowners. By contrast, the baits which we use are ALWAYS inside tamper resistant stations, and we use the lowest toxicity formulations around your home or business. As an example, an average size dog would have to consume 88 blocks of our bait to be harmed, and on average only 10 – 12 are ever used at one time around most homes. Furthermore, if a pet finds a dead mouse, that mouse will generally pass the material through their system before dying, and they only consume about 1/10 of a block at any given feeding.

Mice And Rodent Control Pest Control

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