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Hornet Pest ID Photo

Nickname: bald faced hornet, white face hornet, black jackets, bull wasp


Hornets are black and white stinging insects. They are approx. 1/2 – 5/8″ in size. They make aerial nest in tree limbs and on the side of structures.


They are a very aggressive social pest. If you get to close to the nest or accidently disturb it, they will swarm you in numbers and aggressively sting you.

What you can do:

The best treatment method for a homeowner is using a course aerosol spray made specifically for hornets. They typically shoot material about 15’ from the can.This treatment should be done in the early morning or after dust when all the hornets are in the nest for best results.

What we can do:

We treat Hornet nests with liquid shooting out of a power sprayer. This allows us to soak the nest with chemical and in some cases ripe it apart from the force of the liquid. In some extreme cases, we will an extendable dust pole and put an insecticide dust directly into the nest for control. Our regular service programs will maintain this barrier year round to keep these and other unwanted pests out.

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