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Stinging Insect Control

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St. Louis Stinging Insect Control Services

Stinging Insect Removal For St. Louis, St. Charles And Jefferson Counties.

Stinging insects are a serious problem in the St. Louis area during the summer. Not only do they frighten people and prevent us from enjoying the outside, but they’re also social creatures that will become aggressive if they believe that one of their own is under attack or endangered.


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Bee, Wasp and Hornet Control Services

They also set up their colonies and nests near or in homes if they feel it will offer them a safe place or has the conditions that they need to hibernate during the colder months. Often, they’ll build a nest within a short period of time, and grow to numbers in the thousands. At that point, removing their nests becomes quite dangerous.

Blue Chip specializes in wasp, yellow jacket, hornet, and in cases of emergencies bee treatments. Our trained technicians have the proper equipment, sprays, and protective clothing that will ensure that your stinging insect removal is done safely and properly. We can also treat areas around your home or business so that these insects will be less likely to return.


How We Remove Stinging Insects

Blue Chip Pest Removal has an entomologist on staff who can identify the stinging insects that you’d like removed. We’ll first see what insect or insects are nearby by walking around your outside property, and then the interior of your home to see where and how wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets are entering your house. From there, we will determine the best way to remove them. We employ removal strategies including:

  • Using pesticide treatments
  • Removing the nest (Honeybees may require professional beekeeper)
  • Treating cracks and crevices around your home
  • Killing insects by using specialized vacuums (don’t use your home vacuum!)
  • Recommend sealing cracks and crevices that allow nesting sites

What Stinging Insects Does Blue Chip Handle?

These are the insects we can treat around your home, business, yard, or property:


  • Black and white
  • Build football-shaped nests around homes and buildings, and in trees
  • Very aggressive; will repeatedly sting anything that they feel is bothering them
  • Live in large colonies
  • It is dangerous to remove a hornets’ nest yourself!

Wasps (Paper Wasps)

  • Can be reddish-brown, dark red, and orange with bright yellow and red stripes
  • Feed on spiders, caterpillars, and insects
  • Nests are usually attached to an eave or window of a house and hang down
  • Queens hide in stone walls in the winter
  • Very protective; will sting if invaded


  • Hairy-looking with yellow and dark brown coloring
  • Nest inside trees and gaps beneath rocks
  • Sting can produce severe, life-threatening allergic reactions in some people
  • Not aggressive but will defend their colony if threatened
  • Only treated in cases of emergency, otherwise, the nest should be removed by the beekeeper


  • Yellow and black, but thinner than bees
  • Make their nests in tree stumps and logs, or in the ground
  • Eat food similar to people, including meat and sweet food and drinks
  • Will defend their nests by stinging
  • Sting can produce severe, life-threatening allergic reactions in some people

We offer a regular treatment program that will keep stinging insects away from your home and yard. If you require yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets removed, give us a call today—and enjoy your summer again!

Stinging Insect Control Pest Control

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