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Wildlife Control & Removal Services

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St. Louis Wildlife Removal And Mole Control

At this time we are currently only able to perform wildlife removal services for current pest control customers only. This does not apply to mole removal services. Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience.

Wildlife Control Solutions For Your Home or Business

Most animals that you see outside are cute and harmless, however, another category of animals found around the outside of your home or business can be referred to better as a nuisance.

On top of the damage they can cause, animals carry more diseases than many of the insects we deal with.
We specialize in trapping and removing nuisance wildlife, as well as offer exclusion services to prevent new animals from taking up residence. A few of the things that we offer, unlike almost anyone else:1. We use Infrared Imaging to inspect your home and can literally see through walls and insulation to find wildlife problems that other companies may miss.
2. We will give you our prices over the phone and send an animal control specialist to your home right away. We will not send a salesperson and waste your time, if you have an animal, you want it gone right away!

3. We offer remote cellular monitoring of our stations. Stations must be checked for live animals every day. This requirement means either added cost for us to check them or putting yourself in peril to check them if stations are located in hard to access areas (attics). Our trap monitors will alert us right away when a catch is detected and we will be right out to remove the animal. All of these animal pests carry special problems and risks, and they require experience to deal with them effectively. Blue Chip Pest Services has all of the tools and knowledge to deal with these pests and can create a program to take care of your specific problems, including a year-round program to keep your yard free from moles. Be sure to see our section on Mole Control.

Wildlife Control & Removal Services Pest Control

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Wildlife Removal And Rodent Control - What To Expect

What to Expect From Our Wildlife Removal Service

Initial Service Visit
  • We will discuss with you exactly where you are hearing/seeing activity in the home/yard. You live here night and day and know your home best, so we are going to listen to you.
  • We will make a thorough inspection of the outside of the home for points of entry or other signs of damage from all types of wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons, and bats.
  • If necessary, we will make an inspection of the attic for the animal itself or damage from the animal. This may or may not be possible due to a number of conditions that may be present in your home. If we are unable to inspect this area, we will let you know.
  • We will discuss with you all the possible options as to ways to remove the unwanted animal. Most often this includes trapping, but sometimes a simple exclusion is all that is needed to keep unwanted wildlife out of your home.
  • Set trap/traps in the proper location. This may be both inside and outside depending on the species, and the areas that a problem is noted.
  • We will provide you a written estimate of the cost to fix the animal’s point of entry. If we are unable to make the repairs we will let you know about the need to contact a specialist in roofing, siding, or insulation removal and replacement.
Once the cages are set:


  • Traps must be checked every day, to accomplish this we have implemented a new system called trap alert, that uses cellular technology to monitor the traps 24/7 no matter where they are. Once an animal enters the trap the alert sends us notification and we will contact you to arrange pickup of the animal.
  • Once in the trap, the animal is removed from the property and another cage can be set to confirm there are no other intruders are present. If you choose we can discontinue the service after any trapping.
  • Once the animal(s) are removed, it is time to work on repairs of the entry points, you can now decide if you wish to have Blue Chip make the repairs to keep all other animals out or have someone else perform these repairs.
Free of pests or free of charge!


If The Animal Has To Be Put Down, How Is This Done?

We use a humane method approved by the American Veterinary Association.

Do You Relocate Animals That Are Caught?

Yes, when allowed by state regulations and dependent on the animals health.

Are Animals Picked Up Seven Days A Week If Necessary?

Yes, once the traps are set the customer will receive a phone number that is answered seven days a week.

Do You Come Out To Check The Traps For Me?

We do not. All of our traps are equipped with trap alert. This is a cellular based device that monitors the trap and alerts us to when the trap is triggered and an animal is generally caught. Once notified, we will contact you about picking up the animal.

Do I Need To Check The Traps You Place?

The law states that animal cage traps must be checked daily to prevent the animal from undue stress and harm. We have implemented a cellular tracking program for all of our traps that will not only check the traps constantly, but it will alert us to when an animal is caught so that we can remove them safely.

If You Have To Set Cages, How Many And Where?

It all depends upon the circumstances and the type of animal involved. For the most part we set at least two cages. The cages are placed either inside or out depending on the animals movements.

Are Your Repairs To The Entry Points Guaranteed?

Yes, all repairs carry a one year warranty against animal re-entry in this area. We cant stop them from moving to another area of the home.

Do Moth Balls Work For Evicting Animals From An Attic Or Crawl Space?

No, animals learn to adapt to different conditions, environmental and physical, quickly.

Can You Recommend Someone To Make Repairs?

We work closely with both a roofing / siding contractor, as well as an insulation specialist. We’ll let you know if we find something requiring their attention and provide you their information upon request.

Do I Have To Have Blue Chip Make Repairs Or Will They Just Show Where Problem Is?

No, you can have anyone make the repairs. We will point out where the entry points are and describe the best way to fix it. If it is extensive, we will recommend that you have a professional contractor make the repairs.

Do You Guarantee To Catch Something?

There is no way to guarantee that an animal will be caught due to the fact that some animals live in more than one location, sometimes they leave your house and due to unforeseen circumstances don’t ever return. We do promise to give our best effort with the given conditions to catch and remove the animal from the property.

How Do You Locate Where Animals Are Inside My House, Or Getting Into My House?

We will make a thorough inspection of your home inside and out using the latest methods such as Infrared Imaging to see into walls, above ceilings and find animal problems that others may miss. This imaging solution will make our inspections much more thorough without being more invasive to your home.

How Long Will It Take To Catch The Animal?

The time required will vary depending on the type of animal and the conditions in which it is living. It does help to remember that this is a live animal we are trying to catch, and as such it can have a mind of its own.

If you have any more questions about our Wildlife Removal Services, feel free to contact us!