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Here at Blue Chip Pest Services, we have helped many customers with a crippling fear of spiders. We believe that if more people knew what spiders were really like, they wouldn’t be afraid of them, they’d actually be fascinated! There are many kinds of spiders living in St. Louis MO, but we’re a lot better off than we would be if there weren’t any. With no spiders to take care of insects in the area, we’d be overrun with bugs! Read on to learn more about interesting spider facts from our spider control team.

10 Facts About Spiders

  1. They’re all over the place: At any given point, you’re probably no more than 10 feet from the closest spider! While this freaks some people out, there’s really no cause for alarm—most spiders prefer to stay out of sight.
  2. There are thousands of different spiders: Over 35,000 different species have been identified, and experts believe that there are thousands more yet to be found. We have observed an incredible extent of variation in size, features, and habitats across spider species worldwide.
  3. Some spiders like to dance: As part of their mating ritual, many spiders perform a dance involving scuttling movements and frantic arm-waving.
  4. Male spiders give gifts: To supplement their courting process, male spiders will often wrap up a fly or some other insect in silk to give to a female. However, some spiders get caught wrapping up leaves and other junk.
  5. Female spiders are hostile: Many species of spiders’ females will eat or bite off the head of the male during, after, or before an attempt at copulation. That’s how black widows got their name!
  6. Most spider bites don’t hurt: Only a select few spiders are capable of seriously endangering humans with their bites. The vast majority of spiders don’t have enough venom to even cause us considerable pain.
  7. Spider silk is a liquid: Spider silk only becomes solidified when it is released into the air. Before that point, it is stored as a liquid in a special spinning gland.
  8. Spider silk is very strong: Spider silk only seems flimsy because of the density of the webs that spiders spin. It is actually 5 times stronger than steel!
  9. Spider webs have many purposes: Spiders don’t just build webs as hunting tools, they also spin webs as nests that come in many shapes and sizes. Some spiders also use long strands of silk for transportation, whether crawling along them or using them to float through the air.
  10. Their muscles work differently than ours: Spiders can only retract their muscles inward, not push them back out. To extend their legs, they have to force a fluid through them that pushes them out.

Spider Control Experts in St. Louis MO

Although most spiders in St. Louis are friendly, there are a few that you have to be careful around, like the brown recluse and the black widow. Additionally, we understand that having a spider infestation in your house can be unsettling, even if the ones you have aren’t venomous. If you need help getting rid of spiders on your property, reach out to the spider exterminators at Blue Chip Pest Services today for a free quote!

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