While you’re kickin’ back and relaxing this summer, you may be shocked to learn a destructive force is hard at work, lurking inside the walls of your home. 

We’re talking about carpenter bees. Their presence is not only a nuisance, it can destroy your home.


  1. As their name suggests, carpenter bees build their nests in wood—creating issues for homeowners because of the potential for extensive damage and infestation. They can even inflict structural damage if not addressed. What you may not know is that carpenter bees are just as damaging as termites.

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  2. How do you know if you have a problem? Often mistaken for the benign bumble bee, because they are similar in size, a carpenter bee has the potential to inflict ongoing and serious damage. They drill holes in your home’s wood, distributing all of their nests where they lay eggs. Watch out—they will attack and sting if on the defense about you trying to remove them. Listen for the sounds of carpenter bees working away inside your walls. Look for signs of sawdust on your porch or deck and holes. And here’s something most people find shocking—their fecal matter stains your wood. Inspect around your eaves, siding, and fascia for yellow-brown feces, which is nearly impossible to remove.
  3. When do you call a professional? At the first sign of carpenter bees in your home, you should consult with a professional such as the experts at Blue Chip. Not only do we have the suits and equipment to safely eradicate your infestation, we have the experience to get the job done safely. Often, once the carpenter bee infestation is eliminated, which is no small feat given their propensity to sting and attack, you may be surprised to learn all of the wood they’ve damaged and stained must be replaced. There is also the high likelihood that they’ll come back again and again, which is in their nature.


Call the pest control experts at Blue Chip today to nip your carpenter bee problem in the bud!

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