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Winter Intruders

Winter Pests
There’s a misconception that once the temperatures fall, we’re free from the worry of insects and rodents. You may not see the bugs and rodents out and about during the winter, …

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Ticks pose late-summer health threat

Blue Chip Pest Control & Removal Services shares tips for preventing the spread of tick-borne illnesses
St. Louis, MO (September 1, 2015) – As the long days of summer stretch into August, many people across the St. Louis area will take advantage of the last few weeks of warm weather

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Spooky Pests Can be a Nightmare for Homeowners

Nightmare for Homeowners
Blue Chip Pest Control and Removal Services warns homeowners to be on the lookout for common creepy critters this fall

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Fending-Off Mosquitoes

It’s Mosquito Squashing Time!
It may be the end of summer, but mosquitos are still actively biting. This makes knowing how to fend off against these insects important, so that you do not become a mosquito’s meal.

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How to get Rid of Voles

Getting Rid of Voles
Did you know it’s prime mole and vole season? What are these subterranean dwellers and why should they be on your radar screen?

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What’s a vole?

Often confused with field mice, voles are rodents that burrow under the earth and destroy your plants’ root systems. They’re typically less than three inches long and have a short tail and are brown or gray in color.

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Ant Protection

Protecting Your Home From Ants
This spring we’re ready to hit the ballgames, spend afternoons at the park, and plan backyard barbecues. But this time of year also draws out the ants. And let us tell you, they’re no picnic.

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Blue Chip Pest Control & Removal Services offers tips to keep household pets free from health risks of blood-sucking pests
St. Louis, MO (May 13, 2015) – With the return of warm weather, everyone wants to spend more time outdoors..

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Keep Your Home Pest-Free Whatever the Weather

Pest-Free Weather
Blue Chip Pest Control and Removal Services offers pest-prevention tips to fit all winter weather situations

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Blue Chip Blog – Introduction

Welcome to the Blue Chip Pest Control blog.  We will use this forum to keep everyone current on what is happening at Blue Chip and things that we find interesting about pests and other bug related information.

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