Fall and winter are the perfect times to cozy up to a blazing fire with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. Or maybe a glass of wine and someone you love. Or maybe with the kids & grandkids and a fun game. No matter what the occasion, any time spent by a crackling, wood-burning fireplace makes for an enjoyable occasion. Whether you chopped the wood yourself or picked up some at the store, make sure that you’re not inviting any pests to cozy up to your toasty fire as well! here’s some tips on how to keep your firewood pest-free:
Colder temperatures may tempt you to keep your firewood close to your home or even inside your home. Don’t give in! Pests — like carpenter ants, roaches and termites — love to crawl inside and hang out in piles of firewood. Insects that hide in wood piles close to homes are more likely to find cracks, holes or other openings that allow them to sneak inside your home.
Insects are attracted to wet wood. And since wet wood doesn’t burn that well anyway, it’s doubly beneficial for you to keep your firewood covered by a tarp or some other type of cover. Keep firewood off the wet ground as well by placing it on a firewood holder. You can purchase these or one can easily be crafted out of a couple of cinder blocks and lumber. Making sure your firewood stays elevated off the ground helps maintain airflow beneath the pile which reduces moisture and, in turn, prevents pests.
Before you bring any firewood inside your house, inspect the logs. Quickly look them over, shake them and knock them together. This should get rid of any pests that are on the surface or just beginning to emerge.
No matter who you’re spending time with around the fireplace, following these easy suggestions will help ensure that nothing “bugs” you while you’re curled up by a fabulous fire on a chilly day or night!

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