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Pharaoh Ant

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Pharoah Ant Pest ID Photo


Workers are small, only 2mm long; it is one of the smallest ants you’ll encounter in Missouri. They are light yellow in color with darker marking on the body. Because of their small size, they can get into the tiniest of cracks and crevices and enter any structure..


Pharaoh ants prefer warn nesting sites but can survive cooler temps. Each colony will multiple queens and separate into two different colonies if disturbed. A typically colony can number from a few dozen to a few thousands.

What you can do:

Location of nest is crucial and can often be accomplished by following the trail of foraging workers back from food source. Spraying of these ants is not advised in that it may splinter the colony and actually make the problem worse. Baiting is the preferred method of control, However sprays can be used if the colony is located to kill them immediately. On the exterior, keep leaves or other debris from the foundation area of your home where these ants can hide and go undetected.

What we can do:

On the inside, we will focus on the point of entry in the home/business with baits and dusts. We will also treat the basement and water source areas in the home for general pests. On the exterior, we will use crack and crevice materials to help prevent new ant activity from reaching inside. We will also make a 5-10” band treatment around the foundation to include where the foundation meets the soil and siding/brick to control ants and other crawling insects. This includes trimming windows, doors and garage door. Our regular service programs will maintain this barrier year round to keep these and other unwanted pests out.

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