Remember that kids song where “the ants go marching two by two?” Uhhh…how about the ants go marching THOUSANDS BY THOUSANDS! The few ants you may see on your kitchen counter or bathroom floor are scouring for food and water sources for thousands of ants you don’t see that live in their nearby colony.  The first step in eliminating an ant colony is identifying the type of ant species which will help determine the necessary course of treatment. Store bought “quick fixes” like Raid are just that — a quick fix…but only for the problems you see. When sprayed with a product like Raid, the ants will most likely die. When they don’t return to the colony with food, the colony will simply send out more ants in search of food. To the tune of thousands of ants! One of Blue Chip’s most popular ant elimination treatments allow the ants to take food sources back to the colony that, over a short period of time, work to eliminate the entire colony.  Many of our professional grade products are sold at our Ballwin location (14931 Manchester Road) or we’d be more than happy to have one of our certified and licensed pest control technicians come to your home or business for an thorough inspection and treatment. Let us know how we can best help you!

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