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Bug Bytes is the e-newsletter we send to our customers on a monthly basis. July 2016’s edition was delivered to all the inboxes today. Each month is filled with all kind of articles pertaining to what’s going on in the wonderful world of insects and Blue Chip! Wanna take a sneak peek?
Click on the link below for the lowdown on what you need to know about Zika & St. Louis, secrets about ticks, adventures with virtual rats and so much more!
Bug Bytes: July 2016

Virtual Rodent Hunters UNITE!

Have you been sucked into this insanity called Pokemon Go? If so, feel free to catch & evolve all the VIRTUAL rats you want. Just leave the REAL rodents to our wildlife control experts!

Keep the Mosquitoes away from your outdoor wedding

Don’t Want Mosquitoes at your Wedding?

Is a picture-perfect garden wedding in your plans this summer? You’re probably envisioning the flowers, the big white tent, strung lights. One thing you may not have considered is pest control. How do you keep your guests free from swatting and itching at mosquito bites all night?

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Bug-Free Beverages

Plans to grill in the near future? Who doesn’t like a frosty beverage while you’re manning the hot grill?
Tip: Pour your favorite beverage into a clear glass. Aluminum cans make awesome hiding spots for stinging insects.

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What to do if you get stung by a bee?

Were you Stung by a Bee?
A drawback to spending more time outdoors this summer is that you’re likely to encounter stinging insects. It happens. Blue Chip Pest Services has a few home remedies for treating a bee sting if you or your child should become a target.

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New Partner for the 2016 Olympics

Did you hear the recent news? Due to growing concerns of the zika virus in Rio de Janeiro, the 2016 Olympics has partnered up for the first time ever with an insect-repellent company. That’s right. SC Johnson’s OFF! will distribute thousands of bottles of OFF! brand insect-repellent to athletes, staff and volunteers.

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