3 Common Summer Pests and How to Prevent them

We don’t like to think about insects invading our home, and jeopardizing our health, but the fact is they do. Now is the time of year to start thinking of prevention. Here we’ll tackle the three most common offenders and how to handle mosquito control in particular.

1. Mosquitos

Rid your home and property of standing water sources, a notorious breeding ground for mosquitoes.
Citronella, which is safe for your family, can be used on your deck, patio, and garden.
Certain plants such as marigold and Thai lemongrass both naturally repel mosquitoes, as do the oils of neem tree leaves.
Do-it-yourself home remedies may work, but chances are they will only get you so far and in many cases are messy and toxic to pets and children.

Reach out to the experts in pest control. St. Louis-based Blue Chip is only a phone call away to help you on your way to a bug-free summer.

2. Ants

Ants are naturally repulsed by certain scents. To thwart their advancement, try placing sliced cucumber, mint tea bags, crushed mint leaves, or boric acid near likely entry points to your kitchen and home.
Problem is, where are those entry points—exactly? Here’s where most homeowners don’t want to fuss with home remedies. Best to nip the insects in the bud—before they colonize and get comfortable in and around your home.
You may have some success with the ants you see in your home, but there are many more where those came from. So, ridding your property of them all means you have to find the source. Their colony. This is easier said than done. Time to call a pest control expert such as Blue Chip to nip this in the bud once and for all.

3. Roaches

Kitchens that are clean and clear of clutter are the best defense against attracting cockroaches. A good deep spring cleaning might be in order to get you off to the right start this season.
If you’d like to try a do-it-yourself approach first, you can try the cucumber at entry points—if you know where they are (or seal those points yourself)—or spray soap water directly on the cockroaches when you see them.
Cockroaches are drawn to spaces above cabinets. Keep a look out in those places.
The best way to hit insects this season and keep them away is through a consistent approach through a certified pest control expert.

Chances are, you won’t want to mess around after that first sighting or mosquito bite. Call a professional pest control expert such as Blue Chip to handle the dirty work for you—and rid your home and property of these pests before more arrive on the scene.