PestWorld 2019

…and that’s a wrap on PestWorld 2019! Blue Chip owners spent four days in San Diego filled with educational sessions, trade shows showcasing the newest products & trends in pest management and the opportunity to network with other pest control professionals from all over the world. We are thrilled to bring some new ideas, techniques and products to the St. Louis area as your premier pest control company.


May the force be with you…

⭐️ CALLING ALL STAR WARS FANS! ⭐️ Did you know that in 2018 scientists dubbed a genus of insect “Kaytuesso” after a droid from the 2016 movie Rogue One? The name is actually a phoneticized version of the robot’s name, K-2SO.


Mole Mounds

These volcano-shaped mounds are created by moles as they kick out dirt while using their shovel-like feet and large claws to dig underground tunnels in your yard. Moles are one of the most destructive animal pests that we deal with each day. Our mole control program utilizes traps & baits as well as frequent inspections of your yard from our wildlife management team to remove caught moles, inspect and/or treat for new mole activity and press down any inactive mole runs. Let us know if we can help you take back your yard from moles.


People Like Landon

Yes, Dennis — it’s definitely because of people like Landon. And people like Jake. And like Heather. And Doug. (Both of them!) And Nick. And Scott. (All 3 of them!) And Eric. And Rob. And Molly. And Jerry. And Chris. (All 4 of them!) And Matt. And SueAnn. And ALLLLLL the other amazing people who make up our entire Team Blue Chip!

And we do this because of people like you, Dennis. People who trust us to take care of their homes and businesses. People who know we’re not going to sell them something they don’t need. People who value our commitment to continued training and education in the world of pest management techniques/trends, strategies, regulations and materials. People who appreciate professionalism, courtesy and attention to detail. People who aren’t just “people” to us — but rather become friends over time. So know, Dennis, that we appreciate you as much as you appreciate us!