Cry Me a Cockroach!

It’s valentine’s week but, unfortunately, not every love story is a happy one. No problem! Leave it to a Texas zoo to have your back…and broken heart. Anyone who’s been crushed by their ex can now purchase a cockroach for $5 at the San Antonio Zoo just to name it after your ex…and watch it be fed to one of the other zoo animals as a snack through the zoo’s streaming on Facebook Live. Or, if you ex was a real snake, you can purchase a rat for $25 to name after your ex and watch it get fed to a snake.

Liar, Liar — Pants on Fire

Hey, I’m not usually one to call out anyone but what’s up with America’s favorite rodent, that sweet-looking groundhog Punxsutawney Phil? Apparently looks can be deceiving. As can his forecast predictions. Despite a prediction of early spring, my dreams of tulip season right around the corner have been quickly replaced by my children’s dreams of yet another snow day in St. Louis. Current status: Making more hot chocolate…and contemplating replacing my love for Phil with a a new love for Mickey!