Tell Us About Your Tech

We asked our April customers to tell us about the technician that came to their house or business. These are the 6 words we heard over and over again. Want a pest control technician you can trust? We got your back! Has one of our technicians come out your house or business recently? We’d love to hear YOUR thoughts as well! Email us at

April Celebrations

Help us celebrate these awesome Blue Chip technicians during their special month!

It’s Fun in Fenton Fri-YAY!

Wanna know what’s going on in our Fenton office today? Alicia rescued this sweet little baby from getting run over in our parking lot. ????

Critter Crafts

Looking for some fun crafts for your little ones? Pest World for Kids offers bug-themed arts and crafts projects for elementary students. Check out the 3-D ladybug ????, egg carton inchworm ???? or handprint butterfly ????! Check out the “Critter Crafts” link below and get ready for some FUN!

Mini Quiz: Mosquito Answers!

Ta-da! Here are the answers from yesterday’s mosquito quiz. Did you get them right? If so, here’s a gold star! ⭐️

1. While mosquitoes do eat nectar and plant juices, a blood meal is essential for them (and all other blood feeders) to have the ability to lay eggs.

2. Mosquitoes get diseases that they can easily spread to us by feeding on a host that is already a carrier of that disease.

Mini Quiz: Mosquito Friday

Our staff takes quizzes every Friday to test our knowledge. Last week was MOSQUITO FRIDAY. ???? Test your mosquito knowledge with these 2 sample questions from the quiz. (Answers will be revealed tomorrow!)

1. If mosquitoes can live on plant juices and nectar, why do they even need a blood meal? ????

2. Everyone knows an infected mosquito can transmit a disease if it bites you. But how did the mosquito get the disease in the first place? ????

4 D’s of Mosquito Safety

Mosquito season is HERE! You can help protect yourself from their itchy bites by remember the 4 D’s:

  1. DRAIN: Drain all standing water on your property.
  2. DEET: Use mosquito repellants on your skin and clothes.
  3. DRESS: Dress in long sleeves and pants & light-colored clothing.
  4. DUSK & DAWN: Mosquitoes are most active during these times so try to stay indoors during these times whenever possible.

Our Mosquito Treatment Program can help you take control of your yard with one treatment each from during mosquito season (April-September). Give us a call for more details! 636-343-7900