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Team Yum -vs- Team Nope Never Gonna Happen

Let’s put this to a vote: The Missouri Botanical Garden recently opened up registration for a new class called “Adventures in Cooking: Learn to Cook Insects.” (This is not a joke! I repeat, this is really not a joke!) In this class, participants will be able to sample real, edible insects cooked right in front …

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The Power of “WITH”

  I love how Brian told us that our technician Chris is “a pleasure to work WITH.” I read this with an emphasis on one word: WITH. (Did my use of caps lock already give that away? Ha!) The word “with” can be defined as “accompanied by another person or thing” or even “in the …

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Meet the Cicada Killer Wasp!

You’ve probably seen at least one of these hanging out in your yard this summer. Meet the cicada killer wasp. These wasps are not usually aggressive & rarely sting but can be rather intimidating based on their size alone. At nearly an inch and a half in length, their long, yellow & black striped bodies …

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Debugging Myths

You probably read the book Charlotte’s Web while you were in school, right? Or maybe you’ve seen a movie with bug-like characters or plots. A Bug’s Life, Arachnophobia or Ant-Man, perhaps? Many of our preconceived notions about bugs are simply something we “learned” when we were younger, old wives tales or just myths. Let’s have some fun …

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Would You Rather…?

The average adult makes roughly 35,000 decisions each day. Thirty five thousand! About 226 of these decisions are about food alone! Some of these decisions take a lot of thought while others are practically mindless. Let’s add 3 more decisions to today’s total. How would you answer these 3 “Would You Rather…?” insect-themed questions? Come …

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