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Cardinals Ticket Giveaway!

Where are all my Cardinals fans? Chances are I don’t have to look too, too hard to find you! What do you think about this view at Busch Stadium?

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It’s Squirrel Season

It’s time for the Squirrels!
Are you seeing or hearing signs of squirrels in your home this season? Maybe you haven’t yet, or spotted any entry points, but you may be surprised to learn that this is the time of year ….

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New Shades of Blue

Okay, so maybe not quite 50 shades of blue but please help us welcome our 3 newest shades of blue — new technicians Ryan Ponitious, Landon Leiweke and Mike Smith! They’ll go through weeks of both classroom training as well as training in the field led by our senior training staff …

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Wrigley vs The Stink Bug

Meet Wrigley – Blue Chip’s (unofficial) mascot!
This 75-pound cutie just single-handedly (single pawedly???) took down her very first bug & now she won’t leave the stink bug’s side. Can you see it in-between her paw and nose?

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April Showers Bring May…Ants?

Weather can have a dramatic influence on the number and kinds of pests that can enter a structure. Extreme heat and dry weather in the summer can result in ants seeking sources of water and cooler environments indoors.

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Blue Chip SLFC Fan Zone

Soccer fans unite! Blue Chip is proud to announce that we will once again be hosting the Blue Chip Fan Zone at all of SLFC’s (St. Louis Football Club) home games…starting this weekend! Come join us for some family-friendly fun with inflatables, face painting, balloon animals, …

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Don’t Feed the Wild Animals

Wild Animal Services You may be tempted to help out those cute critters at the park or in your backyard, but we’re here to remind you why this is not such a good idea. When it comes to wildlife control, St. Louis-based Blue Chip advocates that you refrain from feeding the wild animals.

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Spotlight on Springtails

Meet the springtail. With their ability to hop around, springtails are often mistaken for fleas in people’s homes. They are also nicknamed the “sand flea” as they are often found in sand boxes and in mulch around homes and businesses.

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Happy Home Opener, Cardinals Nation!

HAPPY HOME OPENER, CARDINALS NATION! 🙂 Here’s to a season filled with home runs, hot dogs & beer and our hometown celebrity Clydesdales!

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Word on the Street

Spring is officially here…and so are the bugs! Are you just learning about Blue Chip and all the services we offer? Wanna know what people are saying about us? Here’s the latest word on the street regarding our services, technicians and office staff:

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