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Happy National Mosquito Control Week!

Yep. True story.
And 176 different species of mosquitoes live right here in the United States.
While these nasty little bloodsuckers are definitely nothing to be happy about, you can take comfort with the happy thought that Blue Chip offers …

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Itching From Tick Bites Worse Than From Mosquito Bites?

Are you suffering more pain & itching from a tick bite than you have from a mosquito bite? This might be one reason why:

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Bug Bytes: June 2016

You’re brain may be on the upcoming July 4th weekend; however, it’s not too late to scope out the latest in our June newsletter.
Want pest-free pets? We got your back! (And your fur!)

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Zika Virus Update

Yesterday the FDA approved the first human trials for a Zika vaccine. Within the next few weeks, two pharmaceutical companies will start testing this vaccine on healthy people in an attempt to prove that it’s safe & effective.

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Cardinals Giveaway!

Whatcha’ doing tomorrow night (Tuesday June 14th) at 7:15pm? Want a ticket to cheer on the Cardinals at Busch Stadium PLUS 3 more tickets so you can take your 3 besties with you PLUS a free parking pass at the Ballpark Village lot?

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Fun Facts about Insects

Fun Facts About Insects

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Chin Up, Buttercup! Your “Butterfly” Awaits You.

Have you ever had just “one of those days?” Ya know, like Alexander from that children’s book titled Alexander and the the Terrible, Horrible, N0-Good, Very Bad Day. Nothing really seems to go your way on a day like that.

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Blue Chip “Bugs” SLFC Head Coach Schilly

The St. Louis Football Club (SLFC) has another exciting matchup tonight at 7pm. Blue Chip is a proud sponsor of this football club. And we’re back at it…”buggin'” Head Coach Dave Schilly as the team prepares for this game. Take a look at what he has to say….

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