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No Free Samples

Keep in mind that mosquito season in the St. Louis area typically runs through the end of September. We’re not quite in the clear yet. Just say no to free samples like us! 🙂 If you’d like a one-time mosquito treatment for any final end of the year yard parties you’re hosting, let us know. …

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Busy as a Bee

Have you ever been  busy as a bee? Or does being over-scheduled make you  mad as a hornet? Does speaking in front of a crowd  give you butterflies? Or would you  have ants in your pants if you had to sit still in the audience? Or maybe you’re the one who doesn’t want to be onstage …

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Eyeball to Eyeballs (Yep, All 8 of Them!) with Jumping Spiders

x Look who made the cover of the Sept/Oct 2018 issue of Xplor! It’s the bold jumper, one of the many jumping spiders that live right here in Missouri. (And, yes, I did say JUMPING spiders. #Don’tPanic) They’re strong, fast, smart and (dare I say it?) some are even kind of cute! Do you live …

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STL Cardinals Package Giveaways

Summer may be coming to an end but we’re still got lots of Cardinals baseball to look forward to over the next month…and hopefully MUCH longer! Every so often we have a drawing for our Cardinals Package. This package includes 4 box seat tickets to a Cardinals game with seats right behind the 3rd base …

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#2 Pencils, Binders & Bed Bugs

Back-To-School season is HERE! And although Target has had their back to school supplies out since, oh, practically the last day of school in May, it’s finally time to get on board with this. Freshly sharpened pencils . (#2 pencils, of course!) Folders and binders in EVERY. SINGLE. COLOR! Rulers. Lunchboxes. Wide rule notebook paper. …

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Back To The Beginning

Question: How did Blue Chip get its start? Answer: It all started in 1959 when James Phillips began Phillips Termite Control, treating primarily for termites in the Kirkwood and Webster Groves areas. He wasn’t a fan of spiders, ants and roaches…but then again who is? 🙂 Along came Scott, James’ son, who saw potential growth …

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A Lost Art

“Nice to know that customer service is not a lost art.” These recent words from one of our customers (thanks Kevin!) made us stop and think. In this super fast-paced world we live in, it can sometimes seem like customer service is becoming a lost art as companies try to boost their sales and their …

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Making Your Skin Crawl

Have you ever heard the expression “insects make my skin crawl?” Wellll…I hate to be the bearer of bad news; however, it turns out that this expression actually has some truth behind it. In 1943 some patients developed skin rashes immediately after letting cockroaches crawl all over their skin. (Exactly WHY the cockroaches were crawling …

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Armadillos — Your New Neighbor?

  Armadillo is a Spanish word which means “little armored one.” This refers to the bony plates that cover the back, head, legs and tail of these odd-looking creatures. if you get close enough, you might see their pointy snout or itty bitty eyes. (Fun fact: Even though you could get close enough to one, …

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