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October Celebrations Around Blue Chip

Mondays are no fun. Let’s kick this one off with some fun October celebrations for some of our staff members on Team Blue Chip!

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Spider Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts that may (or may not!) make spiders seem a little less creepy! ALL SPIDERS PRODUCE SILK. Something common to all 40,000 species of spiders is that they all spin silk. And as spiders have evolved so has their flexibility to work with silk. One spider can produce up to seven different …

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Halloween: Costume Ideas & All Things Pumpkin

Halloween is associated with all the things creepy and crawly. Still looking for a costume idea? How about borrowing inspiration from the world of bugs!?!? Ladybugs, butterflies and caterpillars are classics but with a little imagination, you can think of all kinds of insect-themed costumes. One of our faves in the Queen Bee. A perfect …

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Helpful Tips: Food Storage Areas

If pests are already inside your home or business, it won’t be too long until they find their way into any food storage areas. Exposed food attracts insects. Here are a few tips on easy ways to keep food storage areas, as well as cabinets and counters, clean. Remove crumbs and food particles. Wipe down …

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Tell Us How YOU Feel

Scoping us out online for the first time? Newer customer of ours who just experienced your first service visit?  A long-term customer who’s trusted us to keep your home or business pest-free for 30+ years? No matter who you are, we keep the lines of communication open with everyone we come into contact with. One …

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No More Googling

How long do you cook a turkey? What’s the best paint color for my dining room? How do you get rid of hiccups? What does the fox say? (How was this even a thing?!?!) The bottom line — it seems like most of us (translation: me!) Google practically everything. On. The. Daily. But take it …

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Keeping Kitchens Ant-Free

Mmmmm! Who doesn’t love the aromas of all those scrumptious foods that come from our kitchens? Often times, it’s these scents that attract both us — and ants– to the the kitchen. (Fun fact: Ants, in particular, are attracted to sweet scents. #jointheclub) While it’s perfectly acceptable for us to be found eating & drinking …

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Halloween Jokes…Blue Chip Style!

As if Halloween isn’t enough fun gorging yourself on candy (#busted) and scoping out the adorable-ness of all those little cuties who will be ringing your doorbell with the hopes that you still have some candy to give away, we also get to hear jokes. I’m not sure how this tradition started in St. Louis. …

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