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Where Are the Ants in My Home Coming From?

Seemingly overnight, ants have appeared out of nowhere in your home—we’ve all been there. Discovering you suddenly have an ant problem can be one of the most frustrating problems as a homeowner. Not to mention trying to decipher where they came from in the first place. Being susceptible to ant infestations can be due to …

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Termite vs Flying Ant

Certain types of ants have wings that enable them to fly. Seeing a flying ant in your home could be bad news, as these species only tend to fly during mating season. But how do you know you’re seeing flying ants and not termites? Termites pose a significantly worse threat than flying ants, making it …

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Carpenter Ants: 3 Warning Signs Your Home is Being Invaded

The occasional ant crawling through your kitchen may not seem like cause for concern. You might think it’s a one-off—remove it and carry on. While this may work for small ant problems in the home, it won’t get rid of a serious infestation. You may have seen a single ant, but chances are you have hundreds …

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